How to stay up to date and keep on learning in 2021, and how to use passive time to maximise learning. The best podcasts, newsletters, and resources that will help you grow as a front-end developer.

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One of my favourite ways to stay up to date and learn is to fill my passive time with resources that help me learn. Most of us take courses or start side-projects to learn new tech and improve our skills. But beyond that there is plenty that we can do that can help us grow to the next level. …

In this article, I’ll discuss how a small tech team found itself in the middle of a national emergency in Spain. And what their use of git revert can teach us about dealing with COVID-19 in our personal lives.

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It was late in the afternoon of Wednesday 11th of March 2020. There were a few of us left in the office in the centre of Madrid as we got notified to take our laptops with us home today. Starting the day after we were to work remotely until further notice.

Two days earlier the government had closed all schools and…

Believe it or not, you don’t need a degree or a bootcamp to get your first job

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There’s a lot that you can do to improve your chances of getting that first job in tech. Your programming skills are not the end of it.

Without experience, you will need to take steps to convince employers that you deserve a chance. Here’s how I did it.


I took a nervous sip from my drink as I sat down in the bar with a group of developers. This was the last step in my interview process. To meet the team and see if I’m the right culture fit.

I couldn’t believe I’d gotten that far! I had no experience…

A beginner introduction to arrays, loops, and conditionals. Why we need them and how they all fit together in a front-end context. It’s a bird’s eye view of organising data, accessing it, and doing things to it. Covering fundamental every-day concepts for a front-end developer.

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“So we take this array, we iterate over it, we process the data and shazam!”
When I first started learning to program, phrases like this sounded like mystical incantations. A language that looks like English but was beyond my comprehension. Coming from a non-engineering background I couldn’t for the life of me understand where a loop fit into what I was trying to do. And why exactly I needed it.

Nowadays, as a front-end developer, I use loops and arrays for something or another all the time. But I haven’t forgotten how mysterious it all was. My aim here is…

Learning front-end development can be a bit overwhelming at times. There are so many resources and tools, and so little time. What should you pick? And what should you focus on?

In my previous article How I switched careers and got a developer job in 10 months, I talked about my journey. I was an English teacher with no related experience, and I managed to land a front-end developer job in a Madrid startup.

In this article, I would like to dive deep into the resources and tools that I used to get there.

We will visit the courses I…

This is how I career changed to front-end development at 40, starting with no relevant background experience or degree. I used only self-directed study while working full-time and spending next to nothing.

“ I’m sitting in a café in the heart of Madrid, having a cup of coffee, tapping away at my laptop while it rains outside. In a few moments I will walk into my first day as a front-end developer. 10 months ago I was an English teacher in Granada who knew nothing about programming, and now I’m here. How did this happen?”

I wrote those excited words…

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